Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Is My Life

First of all Happy Birthday on the 24th Mom!

Not much to report from the PC this week. Very busy schedule. We worked Monday-Wed. And then I had Thursday and Friday off, I didn't really do much with my days off, I was so exhausted from the trauma of surviving the first 3 days of the week. Tuesday I took a first aid class. That’s 30 pumps to 2 rescue breaths people who need a CPR refresher.

I had a group this week that was a special needs group of about 9 kids. They had behavioral issues, didn't listen very well... and were not very physically coordinated. It was challenging to say the least. I was shrill by the end of each day, my own voice started to annoy me. But I survived! And I think the kids had a good time for the most part as well.

The last two days have been pretty light, we had a large youth group camp in and they are always great kids. We ran a few blitz sessions mixed in with site work.

We have taken to calling the paint we use around the Centre as "Splodge" because it’s this muddy red color and it is way to clumpy and oozy to be called paint. So during my SW boxes I have done a fair amount of splodging to the fences surrounding the Centre, and that is much better than weeding all the time.

On Friday night a bunch of us ventured to "Frankie and Benny's", which is marketed as a "New York- Italian Restaurant." The food was actually quite good. I would definitely go back. I think they do exist in America but I have never seen one. It was like somewhere between an Applebee's and Red Robin, with an Italian bent.

As we were leaving the car park and waiting for our driver (who was Joel) to open the mini-bus (Yes, any large excursions from the Centre we take a mini-bus... it looks like a big white bus for handicap children, I felt very silly the first few times I went in it until I realized what a cheap convenient form of transportation it is). Anyway so we were just all laughing in the parking lot when we were set on by a group of crazy "Chavs" (description of the awesomeness of a British Chav after the jump) who started to try and fight us and eventually ended up punching three of our guys in the face... No one really fought back we were more just trying to escape into the mini-bus. When asked why they didnt fight back Ed just said "I was in a mini-bus, how was I do fight a bunch of drunk chavs from inside a mini-bus, really." They then chased the mini-bus as we drove away and threw beer cans at it. It was all very dramatic. I, however shamed about it because I found it all ridiculously hilarious. I couldn't believe these chubby white little gang bangers were actually trying to fight us when we were just minding our own business outside a mini-bus for Pete’s sake! And then when they started to punch people I really thought it was ridiculous and started laughing all of the harder! Woops, I doubt I made it any better. We did get away thankfully. But unfortunately we have some rather dramatic people working at the centre... oh excuse me... no, I mean 'socially responsible' people who decided we needed to then dial 999 (our 911) and then head over to the Kidderminster police station to make statements. After an hour waiting for the police to arrive at their own station in order for us to tell them about a few 16 year old gang bangers claiming that car park as their own... some of us non-punched ones got a ride back to the Centre (given we had to work the next morning... that was our excuse anyway) And let those who got punched stay and give their statements.

Last night instead of going to the pub a few of us has a rousing game of Cranium in Ontario. I was on a team with Dane and Ed. And let me say, Cranium is pretty fun to play with a foreigner. One of the things I had to draw for them to guess was the expression "talk to the hand". So Dane in her adorable Danish started to say, "Shout to the hand... what is this shout to the hand!?" and I would look at Ed and he would translate it into English and be "Oh talk to the hand!" (That might be a bad example but it was pretty funny.)

On Friday Ed and I went on a very awesome exploration/ run/ walk/ hike around our nearby countryside. We ran down some country roads to town, we were going to go the the gym because it was cold and wet but when we got to the gym, surprise of all surprises, it was closed! (Its always closed). It should seriously be called (2 Hour Fitness!) Because its open for at best like 2 random hours of the day. So we wanted to get a yummy sandwich from the Crusty Cob bakery but we couldn't justify it yet so we decided to try and run/ walk/ hike all the way up to what we thought was this impressive house of one of the surrounding hills. In order to get there we ran through this huge field of sheep, which was fun sheep are way less scary than cows to run by. A couple scary barking dogs, one was just cute the other was scary. And a big field of cows that was seriously freaky... mostly because cows always look mad and they are really really big. When we finally got up to this house/ thing whatever. It was a water shed building situation, standing out in the middle of a wheat field. It actually looked very ominous and scary. It was built in 1902, and seriously when I saw that I thought "Ah! Its so new... lame!" (Though I know in Oregon that would be one step away from ancient) . Anyway it was a great adventure, and when we got back to the village safe and sound we really did feel like we had earned our sandwiches.

Lucy Ed and I are going to try our hand and Mexican food again tonight.
Love to anyone who reads this.
-American in Shropshire

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