Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Thoughts of the Day

You know how everyone says when talking about England that the weather and food are crap?
Turns out all of those haters are accurate. The food and weather are in fact totally crap.
Unless you adore days rainy and food smothered in batter and deep fried ;). I am surprised everyone in this country are not hugely obese given most things are deep fried and its hard to run outside because it is always wet. The thing they have got down that I dont think Americans understand (or at least I never have). Is portion control, and not eating when you aren't hungry! That the only way I can rationalize everyone not being huge, which they aren't.

We had a large group of Americans come into the center this week with the Young Life organization. It was fun to hear familiar ways of speaking. I threw around a frisbee with two guys from North Carolina and one from Chicago a couple of days ago it was really fun.

Some English words that are different from American:
They always say 'floor' even when they are outside. Example: "Kari you dropped your name tag on the floor." I am pretty sure we would say ground or grass when we are outside, it just sounds funny to me for some reason.

Also Vaccuming, they always say "Hoovering" when hoovering is in fact a type of vacuum helloooo. I am sure some Americans say that too but not all of us.

Also they say "Well Done!" and very rarely "good job!" when encouraging people so that if nothing else makes me stand out as an American, I tend to shout "good job" quite a lot.
I was observing a high ropes session the other day and there was an American girl leader with the group that was encouraging the kids. I felt really bad because I found her Americanness quite annoying!.... And I realized probably because she was way to much like me. We got into a bit of a cheer- off... I am pretty sure I won.

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