Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wet and Wild Wednesday

It is Wednesday night already how did that happen so fast? I haven’t even had a chance to write about my weekend at all and it was pretty busy. First I will start with the present and work backwards. Today was wet rainy and cold. Besides lunch, dinner, and some meetings hear and there I spent the large majority of time outside. I was wet for about 6 straight hours, but what do you do, get used to it. We had soft skills, observed two sessions, then had abseil training, then more abseil training, then dinner then campfire. All in the pouring down rain woo hoo! I don’t think I was every miserable in it, more just like thinking, “Wow, I have been cold and wet for a really long time I cant wait to not be cold and wet.”

I observed an amazing high ropes session with some hilariously cute 6-10 year old Jewish kids from London. One of the smaller kids names was Hugo and he told me he “quite fancies American voices like mine.” It was pouring down rain, they were scared, but I was truly amazed how high-spirited they stayed and how much fun they had. It showed me that even in crappy weather you can still have a good session/ time if the attitude and tone are right. The instructors on the session were great and it was lots of fun. It was actually kind of strange though because the kids on the session knew me from a session I had assisted on the day before, but today I was just supposed to be observing the high ropes. Of course they kept coming to me to play with them and asking me to help them with their helmets and harnesses and everything and I wasn’t exactly sure where my place was. But it was all well and good and they had a great time, and so did I because they were.

I moved rooms last night. I have my own room in Quebec Lodge now. It is pretty awesome. Ask if you want pictures, it is pretty humble but I kind of love it, it is very cozy. Two single rooms came open this week and my friend Lucy and I decided to move to Quebec because we were told they were trying to move the girls out of Ontario and into Quebec eventually so we just thought we would move now. The problem was that one of the rooms was a bit smaller than the other. We struggled with who should get either room but in the end; we could not come to a conclusion so we had to turn to rock, paper, and scissors. I came out victorious with two rocks to two scissors. Lucy was a very good sport about it and has since managed to make her room aka her ‘cell’ very cozy. I am fairly certain most people’s bathrooms in America are bigger than her room, much bigger. (Most people’s master bathrooms are probably bigger than the one I have so there isn’t that much of a difference.) But anyway its nice to have your own room, I am sad to leave my sweet Danish roommate, but I can only be 23 with a college degree sleeping in a bunk bed for so long while still having a positive outlook on my life in general, ha-ha just kidding it wasn’t that bad.

So yeah I was going to write a lot more about last weekend and my life in general but it turns out I am completely ‘gutted’ another awesome British word for tired, and I am falling asleep while writing this. So I am going to hit the hay. Cheers, G’night.

More to come tomorrow… I wish I didn’t want to say so much.

P.s Song I am listening to right now "The Angry Young Man" by Billy Joel, classic.


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