Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day? Never heard of it....

So this is an English thing I am not particularly a fan of.

I believe they probably have almost just as many 3 day weekends aka government sponsored holidays, as we do in the states. But instead of giving them great names aka reasons for revelry. They are just happy to call them "bank holidays". Ok we get it. The banks are closed. But are you just happy to have monday off because its a bank holiday without a proper reason. I think that is pretty silly.

I did not have a Labor Day weekend because I had to work today. But last weekend was a "bank holiday" weekend here.. (and no I didn't get it off then either). But when I asked me fellow Britons why it was a holiday... what was the reason... they were just like.... "Its just a bank holiday weekend I dont know." Talk about a let down.

Today was good. Better than the awful Thursday and Friday last week which defined a new set of humility in my sort life of 23 years. We passed our hard core ropes skills exam today.
We had to set up a climb, and an abseil. Abseil someone down then prossuck down after them on the safety lin
e. And also tie off a grigri. Good stuff in all.

I finished the book "Fair Stood the Wind for France." It was amazing. It needs to be made into a major motion picture as far as I am concerned. Well done book store man. It is about a British pilot who is shot down in Occupied France. And the fight of the girl and her family who finds him. It is a love story. And It is a testament to the people of France and their bravery in resistance during WWII that they are rarely acclaimed for. I loved it.

I have converted my friends Ed and Lucy to become ardent Huskie football fans. They will shout "Go Huskies" randomly throughout the day. It makes me very happy.

We went to the KA tonight for Wanja's 21st Birthday. Its amazing how not a big deal that major American milestone is over here because they can drink much younger. I had a delish glass of KA white wine and a half pint of Carling that was very nice.

Now I am off to bed.

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