Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Mary's History Made, and a Nearby Village Crawl

I witnessed history tonight. St. Mary's Church, the Anglican church in the village held their first Sunday night "modern" service tonight. The church wasbuilt in the 12th Century. And Accept for the whole Henry the VIII switch I doubt the church has much changed since then in the form of how the services are conducted. Litany and all that... organ music with hymns and such. Time to mix it up id say (I have no idea why this is blue and underlined).

I have never worshiped/ listened to a message in such a beautiful space where I could understand what was going on. I have been to Mass in The Vatican's St. Peters and Venice's St Marks, but I couldn't understand what was going on, and it was catholic... so even if it had been in English I would have been a little lost.

Anyway I thought the service went really well and I look forward to many more in the future!

Yesterday, Ed Lucy and I went to check out two nearby villages. One called Bridgnorth, and another called Bewedly.

Bridgnorth is fantastic. The old/ pretty part of it is tucked on top of a huge sandstone hill. The town was bumpin with tourists and a market yesterday it was great. I read some old info boards while we were walking around and it said it was an pop
ular holiday destination for hundreds of years. There is a river that runs in the valley below high town and in low town was where all the laborers lived and worked, while the wealthy got to control everything from up above.
There is a very cool hill/way railway thing that carry's people up the hill (we didn't take it becau
se we parked at the top). But it was very
charming. There were also
these great long stair cases, and supposedly mules where used up until the middle of the 20th century to get goods up to high town and you can see the mule cart ruts on the stair cases.

There was a very lovely church in Bridgnorth called St. Leonard's. We walked around it for a little while, the light inside was very lovely. And someone decided to play the Organ while we were in it so that was fun as well.

After that we went on to Bewedly for lunch and just lounged around there. They have a nice river walk and when it is sunny it is very lovely.

I am off to bed now. Long week a head. woot.

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